The World's First Metered-Dose Pharmaceutical Grade Medicinal Plants Inhaler

We finally may have a delivery system for medical cannabis that is effective, stable, safe and easy to use. Journal of Pain & Palliative Care Pharmacotherapy - Reviewer

The Syqe Inhaler™

A first-in-class pocket-sized metered-dose cannabis inhaler, poised to become the most advanced and versatile inhalation-based drug delivery platform of its kind. The Syqe Inhaler utilizes selective 100 microgram dosing precision, realtime thermal & flow controllers, lung interfacing and wireless connectivity.
This new level of precision will allow patients to reach the coveted optimum balance between symptom relief and psychoactivity, regaining their quality of life. The platform is further comprised of proprietary raw drug Structural-Modification methods, uniquely identified preloaded cartridges and a linked clinical database serving physicians, researchers and healthcare entities.


Raw Plant


Standardized Production
Pharmaceutical Grade

Structural Modification


No Chemical Alteration
No Added Excipients

Preloaded Cartridges


Uniquely Identified

Metered-Dose Delivery


100 Microgram Resolution
Selective Dosing

Syqe Inhaler Exo™ (For Hospital Use)


A hospital version metered-dose cannabis inhaler for professional healthcare use, featuring a caregiver interface. Aimed at providing nurses and caregivers with a certified medical device for use in pain clinics, cancer centers, intensive care units and other medical institutions. The Syqe Inhaler Exo is available for hospital use in Israel.


Clinical trials are at the forefront of our strategy, providing clinical evidence and leveraging the full potential of our technology. Our recent trial demonstrated the feasibility and the first-in-class positioning of our inhaler platform. The objective of the study was to assess the potential of the Syqe Inhaler Exo in terms of pharmacokinetics, accuracy of dosing, safety, tolerability, efficacy and ease of use. This trial suggests the potential use of the Syqe Inhaler Platform, producing a Δ⁹-THC pharmacokinetic profile with low-interindividual variation of Cmax, achieving pharmaceutical standards for inhaled drugs.

The Pharmacokinetics, Efficacy, Safety, and Ease of Use of a Novel Portable Metered-Dose Cannabis Inhaler in Patients With Chronic Neuropathic Pain: A Phase 1a Study Elon Eisenberg, Miri Ogintz, and Shlomo Almog
Journal of Pain & Palliative Care Pharmacotherapy
September 2014, Vol. 28, No. 3

Dosing Precision (Interindividual Variability)


Interindividual variability of Δ⁹-THC plasma Cmax obtained by various modes of delivery.

Dosing Precision (Inter - individual variability)


Source: Eisenberg et al. The PK, efficacy, safety and ease of use of a novel portable metered-dose cannabis inhaler in a cohort of patients with chronic neuropathic pain - 2014.

* Average inter-individual CV of referenced clinical studies.
† Kavita Gumbhir-Shah et al. PK and PD of Cumaltive Single Doses of Inhaled Salbutamol 1999
† Paula J. Anderson et al. PK of (R,S)-Albuterol after Aerosol Inhalation in Healthy Adult Volunteers 1998

Efficiency (ng/ml per mg)


Δ⁹-THC plasma Cmax levels per mg administered by various modes of delivery.

Efficiency ng/ml per mg delta9-THC


Source: Eisenberg et al. The PK, efficacy, safety and ease of use of a novel portable metered-dose cannabis inhaler in a cohort of patients with chronic neuropathic pain - 2014.

* Average Plasma Cmax of referenced clinical studies.

Pharmacokinetic Data (Syqe Inhaler Exo)


Δ⁹-THC plasma levels following single-dose inhalation of 15.1 ± 0.1 mg cannabis flos

Pharmacokinetic Data (Syqe Inhaler Exo)

Cmax (ng/ml) Tmax (min) AUC (ng∙min/ml)
Mean 38 3 607
SD 10 1 200

In the study, 15.1mg ± 0.1 of Cannabis 19.9% THC (Bedrocan) was administered using the Syqe Inhaler Exo in a single inhalation to 10 chronic pain patients (2 excluded). In addition, there was robust pain relief (VAS scale) following a single inhalation lasting up to 90 minutes.

Clinical Goal


Accurately enter the therapeutic window and seamlessly maintain it.

Clinical Goal


Accurately enter the therapeutic window between Psychoactivity and Symptom relief, while seamlessly maintaining it.

About Us

Syqe Medical aims to transform cannabis and other psychoactive botanicals into mainstream medical drugs. Our vision is to decentralize drug development and streamline its clinical testing in a 21st century fashion.

To achieve these goals our company has been absorbing cutting-edge technologies for over 4 years and employs a multi-disciplinary team of electronic engineers, mechanical engineers, industrial designers, chemists, biologists, physicians and Pharmacologists.    


Eytan Hyam M.D. Chairman of the Board

Former Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Health, former Director General of Soroka Medical Center, Assuta Medical Centers and former Director of Clalit HMO central district. Dr. Hyam is a general practitioner and graduate of Ben Gurion Medical School, Beer Sheva, Israel.

Perry Davidson Founder, CEO

An inventor of patents in various fields, including the company’s core technology. Mr. Davidson was Co-founder and former CEO of the largest medical cannabis production company in Israel, with 10 years’ experience in controlled substance regulation and state implementation.

James Amihood General Manager

25 years of senior management experience and a proven international track record, working for global NASDAQ traded healthcare companies in a variety of senior positions such as 
 Management of Subsidiaries, heading Business Units and Business Development. Mr. Amihood holds an MBA, B.Sc. in chemistry and a B.Sc. in industrial engineering.

Seth Kindler M.D. Chief Science Officer

Former head of the Israel Defence Forces PTSD Research Unit, former Medical Director of multiple cannabis-based biopharmaceutical companies. Former Medical Director of BMS Israel, Gamida Cell, Pharmos and former Medical Science Manager of Biotis. Dr. Kindler is a psychiatrist and a graduate of Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem.      

Prof. Elon Eisenberg M.D. Scientific Advisory Board – Pain Management

Executive board member of the European Pain Federation, Director of Pain Research Unit at Rambam Medical Center and an associate professor of Neurology and Pain in the Technion. Prof. Eisenberg graduated from Tel-Aviv University and did a Fellowship in Pain and Neurology at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA.

Lea Lak M.D. Medical Director

Led clinical teams in multiple Medical Devices companies since 2001. Headed research and clinical trials in challenging multi-disciplinary projects as Medical Director of CorAssist, Medical Manager of Polyheal and Medical Specialist of ByPass. Dr. Lak is a general practitioner and graduate of Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem.  

Benjamin Schwartz B.Eng VP R&D

Electronics engineer, former product leader in various Israeli military projects, specializing in aviation and special forces’ technologies. Extensive experience in the management and development of military projects for leading companies such as Rafael, Elbit, etc. Mr. Schwartz has been with the company since early on, leading the multidisciplinary R&D.

Brian Cooper Board Member

Founder and former CFO of Retalix (Acquired by NCR for $650M), a global provider of integrated software solutions for high volume, high complexity retailers and distributors. Mr. Cooper is an active early-stage investor in a number of IT and Life Science companies.

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